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Burn your bridges,
and there's no turning back---
A bridge burned prematurely
can cause a lifetime of regret.

But just as the seeds
that cannot sprout
without releasing heat,
sometimes a burning bridge
is the way to reclaim life.

When the road behind
leads nowhere,
it's best to face forward
striding out with confidence,
without looking back.

I stir the still warm ashes
of our bridge
as I gaze at you standing
on the far side of this chasm
of differences and misunderstandings
too great to be overcome.

And I feel regret
for what could have been.
I feel sorrow
for your pain, and mine.
I feel sadness
for the loss of a dream.

But, behind you, I see your road,
and know it one I cannot travel,
and stay true to myself.
And, so I know---
it was time to burn this bridge.

With a last, regretful look
I raise a hand in farewell,
as I turn my face to my future,
on the road that leads
away from you.

Nonnie [2000]

"Say Goodbye"