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Look at me!
THIS is who I am!
Not clay to be structured
into the image of your desire.
This vessel, molded long ago
has been fired to stone hardness
in the kiln of lifes' experience.
It has imperfections, flaws-
nothing in nature is faultless.
Yet, what I offer is priceless.
Can you see that?
I offer you the woman inside.

Do not look at me
planning a course of change.
I like me as I am.
Can you say that of you?
Do not look at me
through fantasys' haze,
imagining someone I am not.
See me as I am,
then show me who you are.
Without the games,
allow me into your mind,
your heart, your soul.
Do this for us both,
or allow me my solitude.
I have no time to waste
on that which is not real.
Are you real?

Nonnie L. (June 13, 2000)