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When life allows the luxury
of easing with blissful slowness into my day,
I snuggle deeper beneath my covers
allowing my mind to drift
free and easy, with no set destination.
To the lullaby of a ceiling fan,
I call on a lady who lives in my head
to once again make order from chaos
caused by day to day life.
Mental Cleaning Lady
dashes from corner to corner
knocking down cobwebs,
tossing debris I no longer need,
straightening clutter with deft hands.
She chatters her truths to a dozing mind
while she wonders out loud
just how I made such a mess of things!
Bossy little soul! And arrogant!
I rarely enjoy her bluntness
as she points to my mistakes.
But, I listen, because I've learned to trust
her wisdom, her honesty, and guidance.
She scolds, comforts, guides, reassures
in equal and loving measure,
keeping me true to myself
as she offers insight on problems
unsolvable to conscious thought.
And, when it's time to once again
face my waking world,
I find my view of life so clear
after Mental Cleaning Lady
has done the windows of my mind.

Nonnie [2000]

"Sweet Dreams"