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Weariness threatens to overwhelm
dragging spirits down after a long, hard day.
I want to rest in your arms,
and let cares drift.
Lie with my head on your shoulder
while thoughts of work, and pending chores
slip from my mind.

Then, relaxed again, at peace, turn to you
with a smile, a soft touch,
invite your love,
finding forgetfulness in our passion.
Slowly, softly, langorously restore serenity to our world.
And, with passions spent, out hearts at peace,
drift off to dream in your arms,
awaking refreshed,
both of us ready once again to face our daily battles.
This love we share our secret weapon
in a world that strives to gain control.

You turn off the lights, and slide beneath our sheets,
arms reaching instinctively to hold me close.

You cling to me as I cling to you,
needing me, as I need you---
my friend, my lover, my partner and ally.
How safe, protected, I feel enclosed in your arms!
You are my refuge, and I am yours.

I smile as peace steals over me,
and, snuggling closer, reach out a hand,
offering you my all with a touch.

Nonnie (2000)

"Always And Forever"