February 7, 2002

All Nite & Day
8864 S. DuPont Highway
Felton, DE. 19943

Dear Sir or Madam;

As you were notified by mail, I received a default judgement against your company on January 9, 2002. You were made aware, at that time, that you had 15 business days in whch to appeal that decision. Since you filed no appeal, you are now legally bound to abide by the decision of the Court made at that time.

This letter is to be considered demand for satisfaction of the judgement. I request that your payment of $200.00 be sent to me at the address below by February 21, 2002. If it is not received by that date, further legal action will be taken to satisfy the judgement.

Thank you for your time.


Bonnie L. Cobb
Shady Acres D-21
Laurel, DE 19956

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